We’re looking for a super team of Jackbox fans and ambassadors to help us keep the party going across the globe. This includes streamers, event planners, college students and regular Jackbox Games enjoyers. 

The Jackbox Games Ambassador Program is designed to reward our amazing party advocates who spread the word about Jackbox and our games. Ambassadors will receive exclusive access to special Discord channels, earn free game codes and more!

How to Participate

Student Ambassadors

Brand Ambassadors


Bring Jackbox Games titles to your college campus or classroom. Our games are great for residence hall activities, icebreakers, or classroom engagement. 

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Plan Jackbox game nights, promote our titles across social media, help support us at events, and spread the word about giveaways through our brand ambassador program.

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Take your Jackbox streams and video content to the next level by partnering with us. Earn giveaway codes for your community, network with other content creators, and find new ways to amplify your channel.

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Jackbox Games Ambassadors are thoroughly vetted to find the members of our community who best represents us as a company. Through this program, you'll gain access to our team here at Jackbox, earn games and rewards, and more! If this sounds interesting to you, sign up today!
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